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How to Know a Hungry Cougar Wants You As Their Toyboy

Cougar wants you

Cougars are independent, confident characters. They are likely to be straight talking and know what they are looking for in their toyboy. When on cougar dating sites like HungryCougar, it’s a good idea to get to know the signs that might show you which cougars you’re likely to have success with. That way, you can concentrate on putting your best effort in with those individuals first. Here are some signs to look out for that will help you know a hungry cougar wants you as their toyboy.  


Quick Response

If you receive a quick email response back to a message you have sent a cougar through the online dating site, you can take that as a good signal. Cougars can be in high demand, and are likely to receive a lot of messages from interested younger men. They will be looking out for specific things that interest them, and probably won't make a huge amount of effort to contact those that aren't ticking the right boxes. If you receive a response quickly, it shows something about you has caught her attention, and she is keen to find out more. If your messages continue to receive punctual responses, it’s a good sign that you have out-performed your other competition in her inbox. Now is the time to keep pursuing her, as things are definitely going in the right direction.


Her Persistence

Cougars won’t mess around or be messed around. They aren’t interested in playing games, so if an older woman makes an effort to contact you and keeps showing enthusiasm in messages with you, it’s a great sign. If you have captured her attention enough for her to be persistent with you then make a move. Older women may easily and quickly lose interest if their attention isn’t reciprocated. Now is not the time or place to play it cool, or hang around, as they will not stand for that. You will just end up losing out altogether, so don't play games. Reciprocate her persistence, and get on with things.

Taking it Offline

If a cougar asks to migrate communication away from messaging through the cougar dating site onto a different platform, this shows they are keen to progress things with you. Cougar women can be renowned for being aloof, so if they want a more direct way to contact you, that’s a strong step in the right direction. They may ask for your phone number or your personal email address. This signifies that they want more from you, and are thinking about the next steps towards meeting up. 

Toyboys receiving the above signals from a cougar woman on a casual dating site are on the right road to hooking up with a hot cougar. However, making sure your response fits her ideals is important to getting to the next stage. Click here for top tips on lining up a date with a cougar.

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