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Tips for Getting a Date on a Cougar Dating Site

Joining a cougar dating site is the first step to getting a date with a cougar. Older women who are on cougar dating sites are specifically looking to find younger men to date, so you are definitely in the right place to get started. Casual cougar dating sites like HungryCougar are for cougars who are looking for a bit of fun, and casual hookups with younger men rather than a serious relationship. Once you’re online dating, however, there’s a fine art to striking up the right kind of communication that will encourage your chosen cougar to take things further with you. There's a few top tips for getting a date on a cougar dating site. These are centred around successful communication approaches. 

Act Your Age

Cougars are looking for playful, fun-loving and lively younger men. They don’t want to meet someone who acts older, mature and sensible, otherwise they would simply date men their own age! Cougars are wanting to youthful men to have naughty fun with. This means they want to meet a toyboy who is  fun, flirty, carefree and interesting. This will need to come across in your communications to make you be of interest.

Be confident in who you are and what you can offer her. A nervous guy won’t be of interest. One that pretends to be something they are not will just be found out. Don’t try to be anything other than yourself, as cougars are far too worldly wise to spot that a mile off.

Be a Gentleman

While cougars are looking for youthful men, they are expecting them to be mature enough to know how to treat a woman, which includes displaying respect, courtesy and manners. Older women aren’t looking to be dragged into juvenile mind games, and they definitely won’t want to be messed around. Younger men looking to date cougars should know what it takes to act like a gentleman, and be emotionally mature. Even if you are looking for a casual dating encounter, cougars aren’t looking to be treated like a piece of meat. They will still need to be seduced and complimented into sharing a bed with you.

Older women are looking for someone who knows what to do and how to behave around females. Being a gentleman includes paying her compliments, telling her why you are attracted to her and being a nice boy! 


Be Interested

This goes hand in hand with being a gentleman. Cougars enjoy the sense of power they have from knowing younger men are more interested in them than their younger counterparts. They love feeling wanted and desired, even if it is for purely sexual reasons. Make sure you communicate your interest with her. Ask her questions, and find out what she is interested in, what she likes, dislikes, what she is looking for. Tell her why you are interested in her, what you find attractive about her, and why you want to meet her. Cougars are usually in high demand, which means they can have the pick of younger men, so make yourself sound like you only have eyes for her.

Communicate and Take Note

Communicating with your cougar is key. Being interested in her is one thing, but this will only work if also go to the effort of listening to the answers. Make sure you are able to not only ask the right questions, but take note of the responses, and act appropriately to the next steps. If you are arranging a date with her, make sure you take note of what she said she liked and disliked when choosing the location to meet. Similarly, if you’re meeting up for sex, make sure you take note of what she is expecting or wanting from your casual hookup. Cougars know what they want, and if they’ve made themselves clear, it’s a good idea to pay attention to what that is.



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