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Reasons to Hookup with a Cougar

Cougar hookups

There’s lots of different reasons younger men choose to hookup with women who are older than themselves. Often regarded as sexy, confident, wise and experienced, cougars have a lot to offer toyboys. They know that attracting men isn’t just about physical appearance, and they have the self confidence and experience to get what they want. If you’re thinking about searching for an older woman, here are just some of the reasons to hookup with a cougar.

Less Drama

Cougars are confident creatures. They aren’t interested in playing mind games, and are far less likely to be sensitive or read too much into your comments or actions. Older women have already had their fair share of dramas and insecure moments, and have learnt from them. They can see the bigger picture in life, and don’t fret the little things so much. For younger men dating them, this outlook is likely to be a breath of fresh air, making dating and hookups far more straight forward and fun.

No Commitment

Cougars wanting to hookup with toyboys aren’t as likely to be looking to tie them down into a long term relationship or life together. They won’t be looking to map out a life plan with you, so there’s unlikely to be any conversations about marriage, kids and life goals. Cougars are generally in their 40’s, which also means there is far less chance of any pregnancy scares arising. Sex for them is purely for fun, they just want no-strings hookups and adventure with their toyboys.

Head Strong

Cougars are women who are in a stage of their life where they have established themselves, both in their career and their personal life. They are self-assured women who have had the experience to know what works for them and what doesn’t. This makes them much more head strong, as they have had to make various life decisions to get them where they are today. Cougars won’t hesitate to walk away from things that don’t suit them.

Life Experience

One of the biggest attractions to dating a cougar is their life experience, particularly in the bedroom. Cougars are renowned for being head strong and dominating when it comes to sex. They know what works, and they are searching for a toyboy to have great sex with, who has the same stamina and thirst for sex as they do. Women are said to reach their sexual peak much later in life than men, which is why the cougar and toyboy match is commonly sought after.
Self Confident


Cougars looking for casual dating adventures are likely to be footloose, fancy-free and looking for fun and adventure with their toyboy. They want no-strings casual hookups where they can explore sexual fantasies and desires with their younger man. Cougars won’t be afraid to explore kinks, or be in control. They might like to dominate or be dominated, and will happily guide you. They are less likely to be self conscious or worried about their physical appearance, and embrace the intimate moment, and be more carefree.


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