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Cougar Online Dating Safety Tips

Cougar dating online safety

Venturing into the world of online dating is a tried and tested way for people to find connections and meet new people. No matter what sort of dating you are looking for, there’ll be an online dating site that has been thought up and created for it. Cougar dating sites are specifically for younger men who are looking to date older women. Hungry Cougar is a casual cougar dating site, connecting toyboys and cougars for casual dating hookups.  Whatever dating site you decide to join, there are a number of simple precautionary steps that can help to keep you safe. Here are just a few online dating safety tips to bear in mind. 



Most good online dating sites will make sure that members details are always kept safe and secure, and never passed onto third parties. Likewise, when you are adding a profile or talking about yourself, it’s important to keep your anonymity for as long as possible. Avoid giving away information about where you live, work or choose to socialise. Keep your surname confidential, and don’t give out your phone number or personal email address too quickly. 


Don’t Help

It is a well documented fact that online dating sites have been used as platforms to try and trick people into parting with their money. Make sure you protect yourself from falling a victim to this, by ignoring any pleas for help. Anyone who is online dating should not be asking to ‘borrow’ your bank account to temporarily transfer funds for a sick relative, ask you for a loan or for any of your personal financial information. These are highly skilled scams. Anyone asking for help of any kind should be reported to the administrators of the dating site immediately for verification. 



If you are considering meeting up with somebody or taking things offline onto your own personal phone or email, it’s worth checking them out first. Do your research about this person and make sure that what they are saying checks out. Does the photo look authentic and match the written profile description? If they haven’t yet showed you a photograph, ask for one. If you have only seen one, ask for another one to make sure they are authentic. If anything doesn’t add up or sound right, it probably isn’t. Don’t be embarrassed to change your mind or call things off if things don’t feel right. Use your gut instinct in these cases. 


Meeting Up

It’s a good idea to speak on the phone before arranging to meet up in person. This is another good way to check that everything adds up, and people are who they say they are. Getting a feel for the person over the phone is a great way to see how you feel and if things are the same in person as they sounded in their online descriptions. Think about some questions you’d like to ask them or check over before the call. 

If you do then make arrangements to meet up, common sense safety measures should always be followed. Meet somewhere public. Get yourself there and back, don’t rely on a lift. Tell someone where you are going, and arrange for them to call or check in with you. Use live locations on your mobile phone so they can see where you are. Don’t feel pressured into anything if you aren’t happy with it. Your safety is the number one priority at all times. 


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